SIMI men’s killing : Police Exposed

Longer version of the video of the encounter by Madhya Pradesh Police of SIMI under-trials which looks as fake as it gets
TWO videoclips, purportedly of the Bhopal encounter, have raised questions about the official version of events — and prompted a lawyer of seven of the eight SIMI inmates who were killed to call for a CBI probe.The setting visible in the videos, at least one made by a police official involved in the operation, is the site of the shootout and surfaced within hours of the encounter which the police said took place between 10.30 am and 11.30 am on Monday.
In one video, police involved in the operation are looking for weapons on the bodies when someone, off camera, asks a plain-clothed man and others to back off. But the man goes ahead and takes out what looks like a brand new knife concealed in the waistband of one of the dead.

The Congress, CPI-M and the AAP on Monday demanded a judicial probe into the killing of eight alleged SIMI activists in a gunfight with police, after they reportedly escaped from Bhopal Central Jail.

“The facts and circumstances surrounding the alleged jail break raise several questions. The fact that all the eight alleged escapees were subsequently encountered raises the pertinent question as to whether they were killed in a cross-fire or they were also armed, in the first place,” Congress Spokesperson Manish Tewari told IANS.

Tewari also pointed to a video said to be of the alleged gunfight and widely shared on social media and telecast by news channels.

In the video, a policeman is seen shooting at one of the SIMI terror suspects. While another policeman is seen pulling out a knife from a second SIMI suspect’s body, the remaining appear to be dead.

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