Yoga Day Drama : Badal Govt EXPOSED

Students in problem as they were called for International Yoga Day
The authorities are going over the top to ensure that the International Yoga Day function in Chandigarh on June 21 is a success. For, 2,000 students of Mohali and Kharar are being held ‘captive’. They will spend three nights at the school, sleeping on the floor mats.They will be woken up at 3 am daily for rehearsal at the yoga venue.

Schoolboys are being lodged at senior secondary schools in Mohali, Kurali and Kharar and the girls at Manav Mangal Senior Secondary School, Mohali. A mela-like atmosphere pervaded the government senior secondary school in Phase III, Mohali, this evening, with teachers marking attendance of students amid the din caused by screeching furniture being pushed into a corner to make space for mats. Outside, a cook and his helpers were seen preparing dinner.

Upset, parents complained that this was no way to treat children. “We tried to reason it out with officials but they said orders had to be obeyed,” said an anxious mother as she tried to find out the number of bathrooms available at the school for the students.
“I was on a vacation when I was summoned by the school principal. The principal was summoned by the District Education Officer, and the latter by the DC,” said an exasperated official.

Explaining the decision to keep back the students in schools, a senior functionary said, “It will be easier to ferry them to the venue for rehearsals. Otherwise, they would have to reach on their own or be picked by buses from home.”
video: ABP Sanjha

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