BJP leader uses foul language for former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh

BJP leader and State home minister Gulab ChandGulab Chand Kataria uses foul language for former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh
Jaipur: State home minister Gulab Chand Kataria on Saturday said that police officials who have served for more than five years in one police station, should be transferred to another police station. Speaking here at the state police headquarters, the minister asked police officials to act swiftly in matters related to crime against children and Dalits. He added that effective monitoring by senior police officers has led to the decline in crime statistics in the state.
“Except for four districts, Alwar, Bundi, Baran and Banswara, there is an overall decline in number of cases registered in the state. Better coordination among police officials has led to decline in crime figures in the state. Jaipur commissionerate has registered 11% decline in crime figures whereas Jodhpur police commissionerate has expressed 15% decline in overall crime figures,” the minister said.
Kataria added that while police stations across the state have busted major inter-state gangs in last five months, the complaints regarding misbehaviour with common people coming to police stations are also rampant.
video: ABP news

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