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Hilarious Tweets : Photo of Narendra Modi following Obama

Photo of Narendra Modi following Obama is hilarious and has Twitterati obviously going crazy over it!
PM Narendra Modi was at the G-20 Hangzhou Summit in China this year talking about the spread of terrorism and Twitter decided to lose its chill over this absolutely cute photo of Modi and Obama strolling.

The 2016 G-20 Hangzhou Summit in China saw world leaders coming together and discuss vital issues like terrorism, trade and global governance, among others. Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who was also present at the event, emphasised how one nation (a clear indication to India’s neighbour Pakistan) in South Asia is spreading agents of terror, disrupting peace in the region.

Yes, in no time, the picture of the two leaders were turned into memes and began to make its rounds on social media platforms.
This is not the first time that PM Modi has been a part of epic pictures such as this. His ‘jaadu ki jhappi’ pictures – hugging world leaders also had the world doubling up laughing, because, well the man seemed to be over-indulging in those hugs. Remember the series of pictures of Modi pulling the ears of every kid he met? We also take this opportunity to remind you of PM Modi’s swag factor when he checked out sculptures in the famous Terracotta Warriors Museum on his trip to China.
Not surprising, then, that Twitter put his latest picture too, to ‘good use’.

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