Captain Amarinder asks Kejriwal to explain allegations of sexual exploitation by Delhi leaders in Punjab

ZIRA(FEROZEPUR): Punjab Pradesh Congress Committee president Capt Amarinder Singh today asked Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal to explain the charges of sexual exploitation in Punjab by the leaders deputed by him from Delhi.
“The charges are too serious to be dismissed the way Kejriwal is trying to do, since these have been levelled by a senior AAP legislator from Delhi and corroborated by some local leaders”, Capt Amarinder said while talking to reporters along the sidelines of the ‘Halke vich Captain’ programme organised here today.
The PCC president made it categorically clear that he will not let any non-Punjabi to rule Punjab. “Punjab is for Punjabis… We were born here, we will die here and we will mix and mingle with the soil here and only a Punjabi can feel the pain of a fellow Punjabi and not an alien outsider”, he asserted, while adding, let there be as many parties as possible, but these should be of the Punjabis and for the Punjabis only.
The PCC president, while addressing an over 20,000 crowd of people that had gathered in the local grain market here also referred to Anna Hazare’s scathing criticism of Kejriwal. “If he can let down Anna, who is his Guru, he can betray and let down anyone”, he remarked.
Responding to the demands of the farmers, Capt Amarinder reiterated that their loans will be waived off. He said, all the loans will be paid by the government. “I have done it in the past and I will do it again and it is not a big deal”, he assured the farmers while addressing their concern.
Underlining the importance of providing relief to the farmers, he said, “it is a tragedy that the same Punjabi farmer who fed the whole nation not long ago is now not able to make both ends meet and is either dying under debts or committing suicide and this needs to be stopped”.
Replying to a question as how he will finish the monopoly of the Badals in transport business, the PCC president said, “I will not only finish the monopoly on transport, but their every business they have monopolised by misuse of power and offer it to the unemployed youth of Punjab”. He said, he will withdraw all illegal route permits of the Badals and distribute these among the unemployed youth so that they can be employed.
He also announced that his government will allow the farmers to sell sand from their land which was currently being forcibly sold by the Badals. He said, nobody has any right to snatch away farmers’ sand when it is produced from their land. “You own the land and you own the sand and I will ensure you are able to sell it as well”, he told a farmer who raised the issue.
Responding to the questions about exorbitant electricity charges with people getting bills as high as Rs 50 to Rs 60 thousand a month for two room houses, Capt Amarinder said, the PSPCL was robbing people in broad daylight. He said, his government will rationalise the electricity tariff and make the billing system transparent.
Those present on the occasion included Inderjeet Singh Zira, Harpreet Hero, Kulbir Singh Zira and others.

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