Arvind Kejriwal VS Sandeep Kumar Scandal : The Newshour Debate

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal sacked its Minister for Child Welfare and Social Justice, Sandeep Kumar, after an alleged “objectionable” CD of Kumar was leaked.

Bhai Baldeep Singh writes on his facebook page :
My critique of Ashutosh’s blog post

When I was exercising my constitutional right to freedom of expression, and calling foul against people who were backstabbing the Aam Aadmi Party’s constitution, where was Ashutosh? Will he only cry foul when his right to freely express himself is threatened, and his voice stifled? Isn’t hypocrisy exactly this, what it is called?

Now, the decision to sack Sandeep Kumar was taken at what was called “a high-level meeting attended by top AAP leaders” but the question that still remains unanswered is, whether Ashutosh was one of the attendees? If he was present and offered dissent, then he should have had the courtesy to share why it was decided to go ahead and sack the minister.

I agree with Ashutosh, with whatever little I have seen of the video that one of the channels had shown, when he says, and I quote, “it’s not rape, then why should this video be discussed at all? Why should it be made public? Why should it be linked to the character of the man and the party? Why should it create headlines? What wrong has the man done?” He fails to see the root cause of the controversy even if no one is yet talking about it. It is clear from one of the shots that Sandeep knew exactly where the camera was —perhaps he was secretly recording it. The question is why? If he has been recording his bedtime stories with the said woman, then when did he first record and was that first recording made to coerce the woman into having sex with him when he so desired? Were these recordings munition to keep the said woman silent and calling for help, and for her freedom? How can Ashutosh claim that Sandeep “has not blackmailed the woman”? If she has not “gone public complain gin of any wrongdoing” nor “registered and complaint either to the police of to the court”, we need to first check why? If it is case of a long time blackmail, then can AAP afford to have blackmailers, if at all, in its cabinet rank and file? And Ashutosh, these days one doesn’t need a man or a woman to lose one’s virginity? Having lost it is no guarantee that it was offered on the alter to an actual human being —so wake the bloody fuck up!

I would have appreciated if Ashutosh had had the courage to ask these questions rather than underscoring the fact that even perhaps the tribes in Amazon forest knew that Jawahar Lal loved to let pants loose must have been a fine lover of women. Nehru also screwed the nation militarily and strategically though! If he was a good screw, for sure Jawahar didn’t know what to screw and what not to!
Even the attack on the media is a little over the top, I’d say. Haven’t the AAP top brass been over the top whenever they have landed with some written document, or an audio or visual? It is a fact that several channels aren’t friendly with AAP but that is how it is —learn to live with the handicaps my lovelies would be my advice to one and all of them in AAP.

My final problem with Ashutosh is that he has unnecessarily clubbed this Sandeep Kumar with some of the most important lovers, if I may, of the 20th century as Gandhi, Nehru, Lohia, Vajpayee, our good old George, and even Mao Je Dong. All of them would be feeling troubled in their graves for such a shoddy comparison that only Ashutosh could have come up with! He forgot Bill Clinton though. What about the sex life of our own “crowning bachelor” Narendra Modi, Ashutosh?

For his last paragraph in which he basically defends AAP as if it were toddlers and implying that AAP be allowed to get away with capital crimes for they are underage politicos, I am not surprised that AAP hasn’t taken any action and they need not to
video:The Newshour Debate

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