Bhagwant Mann takes a dig at Sheila Dixit

Bhagwant Mann taking a dig at Congress Party and Sheila Dixit claims that Sheila Dixit has experience to face defeat from AAP (Aam Aadmi Party). He said Congress will learn from Sheila Dixit.
Chandigarh: Condemning Badals for turning blind eyes towards the menace of drug-abuse in Punjab, Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) MP Bhagwant Mann today said that fresh two deaths of youth due to drugs in Ludhiana and Pathaknot should be an eye-opener to the “Blind” Akalis.
It is shame on the Akalis that amidst their denial of having any menace of drug-abuse in the state, two of the youth have died on Friday due to over-dose of drugs, Bhagwant Mann stated.
If Badals would have taken the appropriate steps to curb the menace at an appropriate time, lives of hundreds of youth could have been saved, but unfortunately Akalis preferred to save ‘drug-lords’ only, leaving the youth for slow-death under the grip of drug dragon, Mann said.
It is pertinent to mention here that a 21-year-old Gujjar youth from Mallewal village in Balachaur died of drug overdose. The deceased, Manjinder, was a matriculate and had reportedly quit drugs about a year back and was working as a mechanic in Ludhiana.
In another incident at Pathankot, a teen-aged boy identified as Neeshu also died at Pathankot, that too due to overdose of drug.
“Who is responsible for these deaths? Who allowed fearless supply of drugs on every nook & corner of the state?” Mann quipped while adding that if still Badals would continue to ‘sleep’ there is no doubt that the state would be converted into “Mexico” in next few months.
Akalis opposed “Udta Punjab” citing that film is depicting Punjab in bad image, said Mann quipping “Is is not true that youth of Punjab are under the grip of drug dragon?”.
Unless and until the ‘political drug-lords” of Punjab were not put behind bars, these menace cannot be brought under control, Mann suggesting that every Punjabi knows, who is ‘drug-lord’ of Punjab.

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