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HS Kingra releases audio-sting

Chandigarh: Former AAP leader and Coordinator of Finance Committee, HS Kingra leveled serious allegations of misappropriation of funds on the AAP leadership at a press conference at Chandigarh Press Club on Thursday. Kingra also released an Audio Sting showing one AAP leader demanding money for get appointment with Durgesh Pathak, AAP leader.
Kingra, a close associated of Sucha Singh Chhotepur, former convener of Punjab unit of the AAP, also made a ‘mobile conversation regarding distribution of party tickets’ public alleging that the the AAP had been identifying financially sound people, interested in joining party, and use to take hefty money from them.
He also explained the modus operandi opted by the AAP leaders for gathering money. He alleged that some AAP activists, close to senior leaders of the party, used to collect money for introducing and getting an appointment with Durgesh Pathak and other senior leaders.
Kingra also disclosed the ‘technique’ opted by the AAP leaders at 13 ‘Funds Raising Events’ organised by the AAP in Punjab and siphoning of the funds there after.
Kingra also alleged that the AAP is a one man show rung by ‘egoistic’ Arvind Kejriwal, who never trusted Punjabi leaders. Claiming that even the publicity malarial, used in the Lok Sabha elections was brought from Delhi on rent more that the cost of the items.
Of the 27 accounts in the branches of IDBI bank, 13, including one state account, were made operation. Ironically, Delhi based AAP leadership, had retained powers of authorized signatories with it which after the Lok Sabha elections was withdrawn.
He made it clear that Chhotepur was not authorities to operate any bank account.
Out the 13 accounts about four are in operation as today and that too are being operated by the confidants of the Party.
video:ZEE Punjab Haryana Himachal

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