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Bhagwant Mann Told To Stay Home

Bhagwant Mann, who live-streamed his arrival at parliament last week, triggering outrage among other MPs who said he willfully jeopardised security, has been told not to attend the Lok Sabha till a decision is made about how he should be penalised.
Lok Sabha speaker formed a nine-member panel on Monday to look into the controversial video MP Bhagwant Mann had posted to the internet.
Aam Aadmi Party’s Mann had caused uproar in both houses of the parliament last week by posting to the internet a video showing the parliament complex and the security detail around it.
MPs called for strict action against what they termed was a violation of conduct, and more importantly, a breach of security.
Speaker Sumitra Mahajan formed the panel after she had last week promised to address the issue, and advised the AAP lawmaker to excuse himself from House sittings till a decision was reached.
“The issue of Mann’s video is serious; some kind of action should be taken as 13 people had laid down their lives protecting Parliament,” Mahajan had told reporters on Friday, referring to the 2001 Parliament attack.
video: ABP Sanjha

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