Gujarat Minister Claiming MBA Degree Misspells The Word Elephant

Gujarat Minister, Shankar Chaudhary who claims to be an MBA graduate find it unable to spell simple word in English. Shankar Chaudhary misspells the word ‘Elephant’ while teaching kids at a school in his constituency. The Minister also faces the charge of having got a fake MBA degree and a PAL filed in the Gujarat High Court alleging that the MBA degree mentioned in his poll affidavit in 2012 is fake and the case remains pending.

Cabinet minister Shankar Chaudhary takes the initiative to teach english to government school students. But ends up teaching wrong spellings. Cabinet minister Shankar Chaudhary Misspells even the basic word ‘Elephant’. Shankar Chaudhary was embroiled in fake degree row. When his MBA degree was questioned earlier. Is education a joke for these mantris

It was a moment of embarrassment for Gujarat Transport Minister Shankar Chaudhary as he misspelt the word ‘elephant’ while addressing school children.
video: In khabar

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