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Dangerous stunts performed by boys on railway tracks

A hair-raising video has surfaced, featuring seven boys performing a near fatal stunt from a railway track bridge in Ghaziabad district​ of Uttar Pradesh.

As the ANI video shows, the boys can be seen diving into a river moments before a train passes by. A slip of seconds would have meant certain death for the boys performing the dangerous stunt.

Stunts like this are common practice among the youth to prove a misplaced sense of bravado, but more often than not, these acts go wrong, causing fatal accidents.
These teenagers risked their lives by lining up along a railway bridge and jumping into a canal just moments before the train hurtled past.
The seven boys are seen waiting on the bridge in Ghaziabad district before leaping one-by-one into the Upper Ganga Canal.

Police said extra patrols have been deployed to stop other youths from playing on the train tracks and filming footage to post online.

‘There have been incidents when some boys have drowned, but that failed to deter the youngsters,’ said Ved Prakash, a Dasna resident.’

Mukesh Kumar used to jump off railway bridges with friends for entertainment when he was 18.

‘We do this every summer. This is a great way of having fun. Otherwise, going about normally around the river is very boring,’ he said.

‘We also have bets sometimes about who jumps last and waits for the train to come nearest,’ he added.’
video: India tv and ANI

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