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Kapurthala : Allegations of Molestation on Granthi

A shocking and shameful news coming from Kapurthala where a Granthi caught on camera harassing a minor girl. The incident is of village Meere of Sultanpur Lodhi. When victim girl complained about Granthi to her father, Victim’s Father decided to know the reality and caught Granthi red handed. Victim’s father made the plan to capture the video of Granthi and expose him. Victim’s Father secretly captured the video of Granthi when he was molesting girl. The entire shameful incident was recorded on camera. Notably Girl was used to go to Gurdwara Sahib daily.

According to media reports, Granthi thrashed victim’s father and broke his phone with help of some supporters.

Kapurthala police arrested Granthi on charges of molestation.

video: Jagbani

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