Cow dung, urine may give you black fungus or Mucormycosis

New Delhi : Ever since coronavirus pandemic began in India, people have become more cautious about their immunity.

From home remedies to vitamin supplements, people are taking almost everything to ensure they remain protected against the novel coronavirus. There is a section of people who believes that taking bath with cow dunk and drinking cow urine will keep them safe against coronavirus. But things could be different from what is believed.

The scientists have raised alarm about black fungus or Mucormycosis, which is being detected in several coronavirus patients these days; it has been observed that cow dung could be the possible reason behind such fungal infection.

Ahmedabad has been witnessing 10 to 12 new cases of black fungus daily and the administration is now setting up a separate facility to treat these patients. The cases of black fungus have also been reported in states like Maharashtra, Delhi, Odisha, and more.

One of the primary reasons behind this infection is weak immunity, caused due to use of steroids in treatment against coronavirus.

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