Newzealand Police arrested Farm Bill Supporters

Hindu nationalists around the world have been emboldened by the erosion of civil liberties among members of minority faith groups in Hindu-majority India, particularly Muslims. Another, they say, has been the demonstrations against the Modi government’s new farm laws by mostly Sikh farmers outside New Delhi, who have been accused by Indian police of having links to a movement rallying for an independent Sikh homeland called Khalistan.

“A couple of Sikh students have received calls from public phone booths [threa tening] them with dire consequences if they don’t stop supporting farmers,” said the Sydney att ack victim, who spoke on condition of anonymity citing concerns for his safety. He said he might return to India if the att acks continued, but “the situation there is scarier”.

“Muslims were subjected to targeted hate campaigns at the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic on social media,” he said. “The same pattern of hat red is now being seen against Sikhs in Australia.

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