Canadian Hindu Advocacy Group justifies 1984 Sikh genocide

Canadian Hindu Advocacy Group says ‘there was no pogrom in India in 1984′, justifies 1984 Sikh genocide saying ’84 was only self defense by Hindu civilians against terrorist groups’ #HindutvaAbroad

Just in case the Indian Govt thought that NRI supporters of #FarmersProtests have backed down after the petty & cheap intimidation.

If you can understand that one group is protesting for the human rights of loved ones facing state oppression in India and another group is counter protesting in defense of that state then you can easily ascertain the divisive and malicious designs of the recent pro-Modi Tiranga Yatras (Indian tricolor flag processions) happening across Canada, Australia, the USA, and the UK.

This type of hate has no place in Canada. We are proud in #Brampton to ardently support religious freedom. Individuals who want to visit our City to preach intolerance are NOT welcome. Harassing and threatening our places of worship is vile. FYI

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