Lions on road after heavy rain

AHMEDABAD: One person was seriously injured when three lions attacked him in Gujrat’s Amreli district on Tuesday, while a video on the social media depicting a pride of eight lions roaming near a residential area in Junagadh town created panic in the area.
Forests officials said a man from the shepherd community was attacked by three lions while he was grazing goats near Adsang village. He was admitted to a hospital in Savarkundla.Three people were killed in attacks by lions in Amreli district between March and May this year. An old woman was killed in similar attacks by lions in the adjoining Gir Somnath district during the same period.
Meanwhile, a pride of eight lions, including two cubs, was seen loitering in the residential area of Junagadh town near the Girnar Darwaza area last night. Captured on a mobile phone, the video was posted on social media causing panic in the area.
video: India tv

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