Australia threatens deportations after attacks on Sikhs

The Australian government has threatened deportations following four attacks on the Sikh community ahead of a March 15 round table in the Australian Federal Parliament to highlight concerns about New Delhi’s heavy handedness and suppression of dissent in dealing with the legitimate demands of farmers.

It all started with a pro-farm Bill rally billed as “Tiranga Yatra” followed by another such rally that provocatively stopped in front of a gurdwara.

In both cases, the rally organisers and members of the Sikh community have traded charges of intimidation.

In the next two incidents, there was no doubt about the targeted community.

In one, a Sikh youth was chased on the streets and in the latest incident captured on CCTV, a group of Sikh men flee a gang, who smashed up their car with bats and hammers while they were still inside.

The police are investigating the exact motives and have promised to “come down as hard as we need to” but Amar Singh of Turbans for Australia said, “They are targeting our community.”

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