Shiv Sena Goons Attack 4 Youths

Shiv Sena party workers were caught on tape when they were brutally beating up cow transporters in Gujarat.
In Video, Four men tied to a car being beaten by people with belts and sticks has gone viral.
The video from Gir Somnath district in Gujarat shows people taking turns to thrash those four men, asking them to apologise for the heinous crime they have committed.

Ironically, the first man to beat them is allegedly the Gir Somnath district president, Goswami Pramod Ramesh Giri, from Shiv Sena; and reportedly, the car showed in the video also belongs to him.

Three of the attackers have been arrested after footage of the assault, which they had uploaded online as a warning, went viral.
The attackers are seen aggressively confronting and interrogating the men, who were tannery workers carrying animal hide. The incident took place on Monday in Gir Somnath, about 400 km from Ahmedabad.

“Where did you get the cow skin?” one of the attackers was heard demanding in the video. The workers tried desperately to explain that they got the hide legally and not from villagers who had slaughtered any cow.
After the third degree, the attackers are seen tying up the men to the car and thrashing them brutally on their naked back.
video: aaj Tak

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