Video Exposed reality of FALSE Propaganda by Indian Media

Group, including masked men, claiming to be locals, attacks farmers at Singhu border..Mob pelts stones, tries to evict farmers from protest site, police resorts to lathi charge..A group of people, claiming to be locals, threw stones and vandalised tents of protesting farmers at the Delhi-Haryana border in Singhu on Friday, 29 January.

Mob waving Tricolour first demands farmers to be evicted from Singhu border, later attacks tents of farmers, pelts stones at farmers

Delhi policeman shakes hands with a member of a group that came to Delhi border demanding farmers to be evicted from protest site

Mob pelted stones at farmers, attacked their tents in presence of police at Singhu border demanding farmers to be evicted from protest site

Images of a farmer whose turban was thrown off, stones pelted at him by armed mob at Singhu border

Every farmer in India needs to see this.

This protestor who is sitting at Singhu for YOU was cornered & attacked by the police & the BJP goons, in a partnership.

The next few days are extremely important. Stay together, stay strong, return to the protest sites, show STRENGTH Folded hands

This is a farmer of your state

Please let go of your political compulsions & constrained sensibilities and stand up for your people Folded hands

Punjab voted for you and the safety of Punjabis is your responsibility.

Delhi Police hit a protesting farmer after he attacked a Police personnel, dragging him to the ground along with him. Visuals from Singhu border.

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