Rakhi Sawant finally confirms marrying NRI

Rakhi Sawant has finally admitted to tying the knot with an NRI businessman. Earlier, pictures of Rakhi, wearing a bridal dress, surfaced on internet. The pictures sparked rumours that the reality show star has married an NRI. But Rakhi rubbished the rumours saying that it was for a bridal photoshoot. When IndiaToday.in quizzed Rakhi on her pictures, she said that she is very much single.

But now, after Rakhi’s honeymoon pictures went viral online, she admitted that she recently got married to an NRI. Rakhi confirmed the same in a conversation to Spotboye.

Talking to the website, she said, “Main darr gayi thi, haan maine shaadi kar li hai. I am confirming the news with you today. (I was scared but yes, I got married. I am confirming the news with you.).”

Rakhi also shared details about her husband. She said, “His name is Ritesh and he is in the UK. In fact, he has already left. My visa is underway and I will join him. Of course, I shall continue to work whatever I get in India, so will shuttle for that. I always wanted to produce TV shows and I think my long-standing dream will now be fulfilled. I thank Jesus for giving me such a wonderful husband.”

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