Girl Found Dead

In another Incident, A girl in her 20s was found dead under mysterious circumstances in a hotel room here on Saturday.

The victim, identified as Amanjit Kaur of Fridkot Kotli village, whose burnt body was found from a hotel room situated in the North Estate area. After the initial investigation, the police suspected it to be a suicide case, but they also said that it would be confirmed after a thorough investigation.
According to the manager of Imperial Hotel, the girl had booked a room on Friday afternoon by saying that she had come to take an exam in the city. The manager said after she completed all the formalities, she went inside her room and never came out afterwards.

The manager added, “She was carrying a handbag with her at check-in time. After occupying her room on the first floor, she came back and paid her room rent. She said she needed the room till 8 am tomorrow. In the evening when our staff members tried to contact on her mobile number to ask for dinner, she did not respond to the phone calls. Our staff members did not contact her after that. In the morning again when we tried to contact her, we got no response from her.

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