‘Hum Hindu’ Founder Covered His Eyes After Seeing Muslim Anchor on TV

If you thought a man asking Zomato to change his delivery valet because he was “non-Hindu” was the most bigoted thing ever, think again.

While Zomato shut down the belligerent customer with ‘Food Has No Religion,’ the founder of a right-wing religious group called ‘Hum Hindu’ has gone on to literally shut his eyes to avoid seeing a Muslim anchor on Live TV.

Ajay Gautam, who is the founder of the group started in 2015, has his own website, which describes the objective of the group to be “against politics of Muslim appeasement” and have “the sole objective of complete Swaraj, absolute Hindu Rashtra.”

Gautam was invited on television news channel News24, to discuss the Zomato incident, when he saw the anchor, Khalid, and straight up refused to see him. He literally put his hands over his eyes to refrain from seeing him.

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