Police raid on ‘couples’ sitting in Park

Indore mayor Malini Gaud on Wednesday condemned the arbitrary action of police on young couples at an Indore park earlier this week.
On Monday afternoon, a group of police personnel ‘raided” the park and roughed up a number of young couples, humiliated them and recorded the act on camera that has gone viral on social networking platforms. Rattled by the police action, the couples pleaded with police requesting them not to humiliate them publicly.
Talking to Hindustan Times, Gaud said: “The treatment meted out to the young couples by police was unwarranted. Parks are public places and open for everyone .”

“There is nothing wrong about a couple walking hand-in-hand in a park or any public place, but if they engage on ‘indecent’ acts in public place, it is against our Indian culture,” she said.
Asked what in her view indecency in public is, the mayor said, “It is different for different individuals. One should keep in mind the culture and values in our society.”
Senior police officials posted in the district are also “unhappy” about the action taken by police constables.

“This should not be done. Police constables have ‘overreacted’ on behest of some video journalists,” said a senior police official, who did not wish to be named.
“Police have identified the people who provide information to police control and created the drama,” he said

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