Two-year-old Samsung phone helps save 20 people after boat capsizes

Rescue personnel were able to track and help 20 people trapped in a capsized boat in the Philippines after one of the passengers was able to contact them through his mobile phone. While mobile devices of most trapped passengers stopped working after the boat got submerged, one of the passengers got lucky because as he was using a water-resistant Samsung Galaxy S8. The two-year-old Samsung phone does not have any specific SOS feature but this highlights the importance of having a IP68 water-resistant smartphone.

The incident occurred on July 8, when a boat carrying 16 foreign divers and four Filipino nationals on an island hopping excursion capsized in the waters off Bogo City in Cebu province. About 30 minutes after the boat tipped over, the stranded passengers were able to call for help. They were all returned to shore safely.

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