TV debate in Pakistan turns into wrestling match

Islamabad: A live news debate on a Pakistani news channel turned ugly after an argument between a politician and a journalist turned physical, shocking viewers across the country.Masroor Ali Siyal, a leader from the ruling Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) party, and Karachi Press Club President Imtiaz Khan were among the panellists on the show “News Line with Aftab Mugheri”.In a video apparently shared by the journalist, Siyal is heard warning Khan about his tone and tenor.

Khan replies in a high-pitched voice that he too won’t tolerate any nonsense.Within a split of a second, Siyal gets up and violently pushes Khan from the chair. And then, in a fit of rage, he clutches Khan with his arms — like in a wrestling bout — and apparently rain blows on him.Both shout and swear at each other, shocking the moderator while other studio employees rush to separate the two.

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