BDPO objects to Badals’ photos, shifted

Abohar: Block Development and Panchayat Officer (BDPO) Baljit Kaur Dhillon was transferred to the state headquarters after she objected to SAD leaders’ picture with “Çhar Sahibzade” (four sons of Guru Gobind Singh) on vans used in the screening of the movie with the same name. She had raised an objection through a Facebook post.
The pictures were displayed on vans used in the screening of the movie at Burajmuhar village by the Public Relations Department recently. Baljit Kaur said: “It (the picture) pricked my conscience, so I decided to raise an objection.” On July 2, she posted a comment on Facebook in Punjabi, criticising the pictures of SAD leaders along with “Char Sahibzade”.
“No Sikh can tolerate disrespect to our gurus. I am ready to make any sacrifice in the honour of our gurus,” she said.
The BDPO Baljit Kaur Dhillon posted in Abohar has been shifted to Chandigarh. She said that she was not afraid of governmetn action even if she is terminated for raising voice against blasphemy by SAD leaders. She said that she cant tolerate disrespct of her Gurus. She said that the Vans on which film ‘Char Sahibjade’ is being screened in vilalges, the pictures of Akali leaders are also displayed.
Grand Daughter of martyr Dhan Singh said that Sikh sangat had raised voice to hand over the inquiry of Brgari incudent to her but government didnt agree. She said that had she inquired into the Brgari incident, the culprits would have been behind bars. She said that it was astonishing that Akali Dal leaders were registering FIR against AAP leaders for manifesto gaffe where as they themselves are accused of hurting Sikh sentiments.

Baljit Kaur has actually written a status on facebook in which she described that conscience was pricked after seeing the photos of Akali leaders parallel to Char Sahibjade on the publicity vans of state government. She said that who so ever be the leader or political party, they have no right to post the photographs parallel to Sikh Gurus and Sahibjade who sacrified their lives for the humanity. She said as a hunble Sikh her head always bows before the Sikh Gurus, but these leaders have no fear of the Guru. She also felt pity for the Sikhs coming to see the picture ‘Char Sahibjade’ and went home after eating ‘Pakode and Jalebi’ offered by politicians. People should respect the Sikh traditions. She said that she was subjected to great trouble due to his objection to blasphemy of Sikh Gurus. She however said that she is ready for any sacrifice for upkeeping the great honour of her Gurus.
video: ABP Sanjha

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