Sunaina Roshan On Alleged Harassment By Family

Sunaina Roshan, sister of actor Hrithik and daughter of filmmaker Rakesh Roshan, has told Pinkvilla a stunning tale of family drama and alleged abuse. That the Roshans as a family are currently navigating very troubled waters is in little doubt; in a statement posted on social media yesterday, Hrithik’s ex-wife Sussanne Khan referred to Sunaina’s ‘unfortunate situation’ but didn’t explain what it was. Sunaina claims that her romance with a Muslim journalist has run into family opposition; she alleges that her father Rakesh Roshan hit her and that her brother Hrithik hasn’t helped; she also claims that Hrithik has broken a promise to provide her with an apartment of her own and that her parents have limited her finances. Sunaina has repeatedly described her circumstances as ‘living in hell.’ Complicating this difficult family dynamic are actress Kangana Ranaut and her sister Rangoli Chandel, to whom Sunaina has reached out for help. There have also been concerns raised about Sunaina’s mental health.

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