1984 Sikh Genocide -MASS KILLINGS

Sikhs were killed in organized and systematic attacks across India, a crime scene consisting of a complete village of torched houses, burnt Gurudwara and scattered human bones was discovered at the site of village Hondh-Chillar, in District Rewari, Haryana.In November 1984, the village was inhibited by more than 35 Sikh families and on November 02,1984 in an organized and well planned attack, the entire village was burnt along with its Sikh population and Gurudwara.According to records of local police, an FIR was registered for the death of 20 Sikhs from Hondh-Chillar village on November 03 1984. The remains of Hondh-Chillar show that entire portion of the village where Sikhs used to live was torched including the Gurudwara. Human remains, mostly bones are scattered in the torched compounds. The Gurudwara of the village is completely burnt and is inhibited by stray animals.It is estimated that 60 to 70 people living in the village would have died on the fateful night but the Haryana Police neither identified the 20 people killed as mentioned in FIR nor pursued the case to identify and nab the culprits. Haryana Police in fact chose to abandon the case midway.The Sikh families of the village had come from Mianwali (now in Pakistan), during partition of the country in 1947. Such was the influence and goodwill of these families that one of their representatives Sarup Singh s/o Tirlok Singh remained a Sarpanch of the joint Panchayat of village Hondh-Chillar for 15 years. The fact proves that the Sikhs had good relations with the village people. Sarup Singh remained Sarpanch being the Sikh Community a minority in the village.

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