‘1984 Happened, So What?’ Congress Leader

New Delhi: Congress patron Sam Pitroda on Thursday added fresh spice into the entire ‘1984 Sikh Genocide’ debate after he questioned a reporter with “what about 1984, it has happened and is a matter of past” when he was asked to comment on the row surrounding former prime minister Rajiv Gandhi and the dastardly event.
The BJP, calling the riots the ‘biggest genocide in India’, blamed Gandhi for the 1984 anti-Sikh riots and that the ‘instructions to kill’ came directly from ‘then PM Rajiv Gandhi’s office’.Diverting the question, ANI quoted Pitroda as saying, “Aap toh jhoot bolte rehte hain roz… Ab kya hai ’84 ka? Baat toh kariye aapne kya kiya 5 saal mein, uski baat kariye. ’84 mein hua to hua. Aapne kya kiya? You were voted to create jobs. You didn’t create any jobs.

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