Captain’s Funny comments on Kejriwal and Sandhu

LUDHIANA: Punjab Pradesh Congress Committee president Capt Amarinder Singh today announced that the ticket aspirants have been asked to submit their applications to the PCC by August 15.
He also said that the party will ensure that there was proper distribution of tickets this time and only the deserving candidates who were in a position to win were allotted the party tickets.
Interacting with people and party workers, as part of his ‘Halqe vich Captain’ programme in the Atam Nagar assembly segment here today, Capt Amarinder agreed that only those candidates who are in a position to win will be given the tickets.
He said, after the PCC receives the applications there will be detailed scrutiny and each and every applicants’ credentials and potential will be examined before deciding the party ticket. He also made it categorically clear to all the workers that they will have to support whosoever candidate the party fields.
The PCC president said, although there are more than one aspiring candidates in each constituency, the ticket can be allotted to only one person. At the same time, he added, all the other deserving candidates who are left out, will be accommodated in the government.
He said, all the chairmanships of various corporations and boards and other positions will be reserved for such people only. “No MLA or a person who contests the elections will be given these positions”, he said, amidst thundering applause from the audience.
About 3500 local residents of the Atam Nagar assembly segment had gathered here today to list their problems and grievances before Capt Amarinder. About 1760 petitions/grievances were received during the event. Captain Amarinder not only heard their petitions but also promised to set up a task force within 100 days once his government is elected to power, to sort out and solve all these problems.
Replying to a question on the neglect of the industry, he assured that the small and medium scale industry as also the cottage industry will be provided special impetus for growth. He said, he was aware that the industry was moving out as the industrial atmosphere in the state had no longer remained conducive. He said, the state needed to frame policies that will favour and encourage the industry and investors to come to Punjab.
Responding to the demand of an NGO Darpan, seeking space for running the centre for autistic children, the PCC president promised to ensure it got adequate space. “We have special duties towards these children. When we come to power, please come to us and I assure you we will do the best that we can. Yours is a very dedicated job and I assure you, we will do our best”, he said.
Reacting to the demands for enhanced pension, Capt Amarinder said, he had already announced that the Shagun scheme will be enhanced to Rs 51,000 and various pensions like for the handicapped, the old age and the widows will be enhanced to Rs 2000 per month from the current Rs 250 a month. He said, a special welfare fund will be dedicated for the purpose right he had done during his previous regime.
A number of party workers raised the issue of discrimination by the Akali-BJP government with their areas in terms of development. They alleged that the areas dominated by the Congress supporters were deliberately discriminated. Capt Amarinder assured that it was a matter of six months more and after that he would ensure that there was no discrimination with anyone.

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