Dekho Sukhbir Badal Te Sunny Deol Di Jaffi

BJP chief Amit Shah on Sunday campaigned for party’s Gurdaspur candidate Sunny Deol in Pathankot, asking people to vote for him because Prime Minister Narendra Modi had “made the country safe”. Shah addressed his rally not far from Pathankot airbase, which had come under attack during the 2016 terror strike.

Earlier, addressing the gathering, SAD chief Sukhbir Badal said, “No one can be as cheap as Amarinder Singh, who broke his word to end drug menace even after taking an oath on the holy text Gutka Sahib.”

“There is no law and order in Punjab for last two years. Captain Amarinder Singh promoted forces which propagate Khalistan and want to destroy peace and harmony of the state. These forces have been promoted to weaken SAD(B). Parkash Singh Badal had only one ideology to maintain peace and harmony in state and respect all religions.”

About Deol, Sukhbir said: “I have family relations with Sunny Deol. I wanted to bring him into SAD(B), but BJP was quick in roping him . Anyways, it is temporary and we will bring him in SAD fold. But there is hardly any difference between SAD and BJP.”

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