UP Police Di Kartoot Dekho

Earliar, A video goes viral showing a confrontation between a Sikh truck driver and UP policemen caught the attention of Punjab Chief Minister Capt Amarinder Singh (Retd) prompting him to ask his counterpart in Uttar Pradesh to take action.In the video, a policeman is shown tugging the driver’s beard. The driver reacted by pulling a sword on the policeman and threatening him.Responding to the Punjab Chief Minister’s remarks on the incident, the Shamli Police’s Twitter handle stated that it was brought to their attention that the Meerut police’s fire service vehicle was heading to Shamli for VIP duty. On the road, the truck in the video and the police vehicle collided, which resulted in the latter’s glass panel shattering.
Further, they said that both parties involved got into an altercation, which was sorted out after they reached the police station.

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