Patiala: 15-year-old girl kidnapped, raped, murdered, set on fire

PATIALA: In a gruesome incident two boys from Gulahar village in Patiala district allegedly kidnapped, raped, murdered and then tried to chop the body a 15-year-old girl before setting it on fire in the Khanouri Segment of Sangrur district.The matter came to light when the police were trying to solve the missing case of a 15-year-old girl from Gulahar village in Patiala district, who had disappeared on Monday evening.Following the girl’s disappearance, her brother filed a police complaint alleging that he suspected the role of a village youth. The cops detained the youth on Tuesday and on Wednesday he along with another youth took the police to the spot where the crime had been committed. The boy detained by the cops reportedly told his interrogators that they had kidnapped the girl on Monday evening and took her to a secluded place near Khanauri where he along with another boy from the same village raped her and then fearing that she would reveal their names, murdered her and tried to chop her body into pieces.

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