UK city has announced a 13k fine for spitting paan

The newest city abroad to be struggling with untidy Indians is Leicester in UK. Spitting paan has become so rampant there that the authorities have had to put up signboards for the Indian NRIs in Gujarati.The sign says that those found spitting paan on the street will be fined with £500 (roughly ₹13,000). It is written in two languages: Gujarati and English, making it clear who the message is for.The signboard, put up by the city’s police department in collaboration with Leicester City Council, clearly singled out Gujaratis. “Spitting paan on the street is unhygienic and anti-social. You could be fined £150 (Rs 13,000)” it read, first in Gujarati then in English.According to Leicestireshire Police, the habit seemed to be more prevalent in the east section of the city, including areas like Spinney Hills and North Evington. Belgrave, which also has a high density of Indians, was also one of the affected places.

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