Delhi: Honda City car split in two after ramming into pole

In a bone-chilling accident that took place in Delhi, a Honda City car was being driven in a quite rash way. When the car was out of control, it rammed into a pole and was split into two parts. The whole accident was captured on CCTV
An 18-year-old boy, on a joyride with his friends in a Honda City car, died after the vehicle rammed into a concrete pole at high speed.
The incident took place at Jwala Heri Market in outer Delhi’s Paschim Vihar on Saturday morning. According to the police, two other teenagers were severely injured in the incident and have been admitted to a private hospital in west Delhi.The three boys, Himanshu, Sahib and Jayant, had taken out Sahib’s Honda City for an early morning ride. Eyewitnesses told the cops that they were speeding beyond 100kmph on the crowded road. While Sahib was at the steering wheel, Himanshu was seated beside him and Jayant sat on the rear seat.

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