Caught with boyfriend, married woman hangs self

A 25-year-old married woman hanged herself after her father-in-law saw her with boyfriend in their house in Rustampura area of the city on Tuesday. Mohini lived with her husband Kunal, four-year-old son and father-in-law Mahesh Kapadia. She has been married for five years.

Dharmesh Kadiwala came to meet her when no one was at home. They had known each other for the past two years. He had brought some food along and they were enjoying it when Mahesh Kapadia, a diamond worker, knocked at the door. Mohini took time to open the main door and this made the old man suspicious. He went to her room and found her boyfriend hiding under the bed. He pulled him out, but he fled without his shoes. Kapadia gave him a chase. During the intervening time, Mohini closed the main door of the house and went to her room and hanged herself from the ceiling fan.
Kunal was informed by his father and he came home and broke open the door. He rushed his wife to New Civil Hospital where she was declared brought dead. Salabatpura police said she had committed suicide out of shame. Kapadia family said Mohini had been caught with the same man twice before and that she had promised not to meet him ever.

video: India tv

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