Chitta Peendea Di Video Viral

Drug abuse was a big issue in the 2014 parliamentary elections in Punjab and had dented the SAD-BJP alliance’s performance. In the run-up to the 2017 assembly elections, Congress claimed it would break the supply line of drugs within a month of coming to power. But despite efforts of enforcement agencies, the state’s drug problem continues unabated.

This can be seen from the seizures made by different law enforcement agencies. In 2017, after the model code of conduct was announced on January 4, cash, drugs and alcohol worth Rs 127 crore had been seized over just a month. This included 11.92 kg of heroin and 2,342 kg of poppy husk. In comparison, during the model code of conduct from March 10 to April 11 this year, Rs 200 crore in contraband and cash was seized. This included 65 kg heroin, 3,808 kg poppy husk and 99 kg opium.

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