Barnala : Sex Determination racket busted

A woman caretaker of an ultrasound scanning centre was among the four people arrested for conducting pre-natal sex-determination test, during a raid by a team from Haryana, here on Wednesday.
Interestingly, the centre is officially closed since 2010 when the couple owning it moved abroad.
The accused have been identified as centre caretaker Gurmail Kaur; Jagtar Singh and Gurpreet Kaur of Moga; and Ram Dass of Dabwali in Haryana.
A joint team of Haryana Police and doctors sent a pregnant woman as a decoy customer to the centre and arrested the accused as soon as the test was conducted. The scan was performed by caretaker Gurmail, a Class 8 dropout. She allegedly broke the seal of the ultrasonography machine. The decoy customer paid marked currency notes totalling Rs 30,000 in lieu of the job, which were recovered in parts from the accused.
Sirsa deputy civil surgeon Dr Viresh Bhushan, who was part of the raiding team, said, “Ram Dass of Dabwali was the tout. The money paid by the patient was recovered in parts from the accused—Rs 2,000 from Gurmail; Rs 6,000 from Jagtar; Rs 12,000 from Gurpreet and Rs 10,000 from Ram Dass.”
video: ABP Sanjha

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