Woman forced to carry husband on shoulder for having an affair

In a shocking video, villagers in Madhya Pradesh’s Jhabua forced a woman to take her husband on her shoulder and walk. She was punished for having an alleged affair with youth. Police said that a case has been registered in the matter and 2 accused have been arrested.In a far-flung village in Madhya Pradesh, a woman walks sluggishly on what appears to be an agricultural field left dry and uncultivated at this time of the year.It’s a sunny day and there is no trace of shade nearby. As she walks, her legs tremble. At one point you may feel she is about to collapse under the weight she is being forced to carry on her shoulder.The woman, who appears to be in her twenties, is surrounded by a crowd of tens of people. All of them are men-young, mid-age and the old. They are shouting, some dancing and others hooting at her plight.

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