Sikh community get historic victory over Bollywood under the leadership of Manjinder Singh Sirsa

Sirsa forces the director of movie “Dishoom” for apologizing and
to revise the controversial video

New Delhi: Every challenge to the Sikh community can be tackled successfully, If the Sikhs keep giving their cooperation and blessings to us. These words were expressed in a press statement issued here by Sh. Manjinder Singh Sirsa, the general secretary of Delhi Sikh Gurdwara Management Committee and the Minister of State, Punjab government.
Informing about the issue of Hindi movie “Dishoom”, Mr. Sirsa said that in a specific song of this movie, actress Jacqueline Fernandez was shown dancing to the lyrics of the song, while wearing a “Kirpan”, a pious religious symbol of the Sikhs. The religious sentiments of the Sikhs were hurt across the world, when the song was uploaded and viewed on “youtube”; due to which several Sikh organisations had contacted him (Mr. Sirsa) and requested him to take proper action against the director and other concerned people from the movie. Accordingly, he immediately issued a legal notice to the director of the movie Sh. Rohit Dhawan and also wrote a letter to the chairman of the Censor Board i.e. Sh. Pehlaj Nihlani and requested both to ensure the deletion or revision of the impugned video. Besides, legal proceedings were initiated in Chandigarh against the director, cast and other persons for hurting the religious sentiments of the Sikhs.
Mr. Sirsa said that due to such actions taken by him and the movement created against the controversial song, the movie director Sh. Rohit Dhawan, in spite of denying all allegation against himself, has been forced to not only issue an apology for the video but also has to agree to release the movie with the revised video of the song showing Ms Jacqueline Fernandez without wearing Kirpan. Mr. Sirsa expressed sincere thanks to the movie director for his timely action in this context and stated that the victory received in the movement against the impugned song is actually a historic win for the Sikh community. He said that this historic victory will further boost the morale of DSGMC to struggle for the cause of the Sikh community and the committee leadership will remain dedicated to the service of the community, despite the unnecessary and baseless criticism by their political opponents. He advised the movie producers of Bollywood that before shooting such scenes in future, they are welcome to take the opinion and advice from DSGMC, so that neither the producer-director have to face legal action against themselves nor the religious sentiments of the Sikh are hurt.
video: ABP Sanjha

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