Sophia Popalyar Will Finally Get To Meet Harjit Sajjan

Two-year-old Sophia Popalyar really, really loves Canadian politics.
Really, really heartbroken.”I want to go to Parliament… to see Harjit Sajjan,” cries the toddler in a video posted by her dad, Fawad Popalyar.
It was shot on Canada Day in Ottawa, after heavy rainfall cut short the family’s plan to take part in Parliament Hill festivities. Sophia’s dad later tried to explain to her that the defence minister was celebrating the holiday with his family in Vancouver.

“I want to go to Canada Day,” Sophia screams as her parents try to comfort her.
“I’m so sorry I missed you in Ottawa,” Sajjan says in a YouTube video posted Monday. “I’m looking forward to meeting you, because one of my goals is to meet with future leaders of Canada.”

Popalyar says he’s been in touch with Sajjan’s staff, and they’ll meet when Sophia “can get a day off” from daycare in Ottawa where they now live.
“This is an example of Canada’s heart, in a sense, that cabinet ministers are open to meet such young fans of theirs,” the father said.

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