What Capt Amarinder says on Desecration Incidents

CHANDIGARH, July 4: Punjab Pradesh Congress Committee president Capt Amarinder Singh today countered the Aam Aadmi Party manifesto “promise by promise”, while proving that it was straightway copied from what Congress has already promised to the people of Punjab.
Capt Amarinder also challenged the AAP to prove that its manifesto is not a “carbon copy” of the Congress announcements made during the recent past.
The PCC president said, the main features of the AAP manifesto have already been highlighted by the Congress. “The issue of drugs, corruption, unemployment and registration of false cases are the permanent feature of our campaign”, he pointed out, while asking AAP what new had it to offer.
Referring to AAP’s claims that it went around the state for six months and came out with the manifesto, Capt Amarinder said, that was characteristic of a party that has no history, no culture, no knowledge and no affinity with the state and has to sweat it out even to find out the basic issues.
“You really do not need to go around for six months and know about drugs, corruption, unemployment, farmers’ suicides and false cases”, he pointed out, while adding, “even a small child can tell you that”.
Countering the “manifesto announcements”, he pointed out, while AAP has announced to provide 25 lakh jobs, he has already announced to provide at least “one job per family” so that each family has a “reasonable and respectable monthly income” to sustain itself.
Referring to the AAP’s announcement of “drug free Punjab”, Capt Amarinder said, “while they say they will finish it within six months, I have promised to do it within four weeks and I will do it even before that”.
On the corruption free administration, the former Chief Minister said, “I have already announced that there will be “zero tolerance” to corruption. Besides, he added, he had already announced that all the false FIRs will be cancelled on day one and that will be the first decision of his government.
About the AAP announcement that it will scrap the “application fee” for recruitment in the government jobs, he pointed out, he has been repeatedly announcing it time and again in all his meetings and interactions with the youth.
About providing free wifi and hotspot zones in colleges, the PCC president taunted the AAP, “I am sure it will meet the same fate like that of Delhi where AAP and promised free wifi before elections”. However, he added, “we have announced to provide it in colleges and universities and we will do it”.
About setting up Foreign Employment Youth Board and Punjab Overseas Employment Corporation, Capt Amarinder said, “it is a poor copy of our Immigration Promotion Board that we have already announced”.
Similarly, he said, the AAP has announced to break the “monopoly” of the rulers over business and said, it will offer government contracts to the youth.
“Let me ask them, how is it different from our announcement of finishing the monopoly of the Badals”, he asked, while pointing out that he had already announced that while sand mining will be liberalized, the transport and cable business will have youth participation.
“Rather we have offered to provide loans, besides bus permits to the unemployed youth”, he pointed out, adding, “we have also announced that not only the cable distribution, but anybody wanting to set up a news channel in Punjab will be free to do that.
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