‘Pakistani’ balloon found in Dina Nagar

The Indian security agencies have intensified vigil with the finding of a balloon, having an image of ‘Pakistani flag’ on it. ‘I love Pakistan’ has also been written on this while balloon that was found by a Dina Nagar based farmer in his fields. The security agencies have taken the mysterious balloon in possession and started investigations, sources said.

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In May 2015, A pigeon has been arrested by police in India on suspicion of being a spy from Pakistan.
The bird was seized on Thursday after being spotted carrying a “stamped message” on its body.
The message was written partly in Urdu, the official language of Pakistan. It also contained a Pakistani phone number, according to reports.

Monkey held for crossing over the Indian border
In 2011, Pakistani officials arrested a Monkey which was believed to have crossed over from India into Pakistan. The monkey was captured by wildlife officials. It was then taken to a zoo in Pakistan and kept there.
Russian cat held over smuggling phone inside a prison
In June 2013, a criminal case was filed against a cat after it was caught trying to smuggle in mobile phones and chargers inside a Russian prison.

In June 2013, three Goats were detained by police officials after they were accused of trying to damage a police vehicle. Apparently, 12 goats climbed onto a brand new police car and damaged the wipers and glass, thereby scratching the paint of the body and bonnet of the vehicle. The animals were held and put into a cage thereafter. However, they
were later released to the Society for Prevention to Cruelty to Animals.In another instance, a goat was arrested for eating flowers. The case soon received a lot of public interest. However, when the goat was brought to the court, the magistrate dismissed the case against lack of evidence!
video: ABP Sanjha

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