We will end Punjab drug menace in a month : Kejriwal

AMRITSAR : Delhi Chief Minister and National Convenor of Aam Aadmi Party today released 51 point Youth Manifesto for Punjab and promised scrap supply chain of drugs within one month of the formation of AAP Government in the state.
“We will not only scrap the supply chain of the drugs but also ensure life imprisonment till death for drug suppliers apart from rehabilitation of the drug addicts to bring them in the main stream of life”, Kehriwal said while unveiling the Youth Manifesto of the party.
Accompanying with Head of the Manifesto Committee, Kanwar Sandhu and Head of the Youth wing of the party Harjot Bains, Kejriwal said AAP would adopt zero tolerance against corruption and no government contract would be allocated to any MP or MLA or their relatives and it would be ensured that such contracts should be awarded to the youth of the state.
Time bound services would be provided to people and 25 lakh new jobs would be created for the youth; Kejriwal said adding that youth would be turned into job creator instead of job seeker.
Delhi CM said that on the pattern of Mohalla clinics in Delhi, in Punjab Pendu Sehat Clinic would be opened in which apart from free treatment, medicines and laboratory tests facilities would also be provided free of cost.
Initially Wi-fi facility would be provided in the metro cities of Punjab before spreading it in entire state and Government schools would be upgraded to match the standards of private schools, so that even the poorest of the poor could be capable to get quality education, He added.
Kanwar Sandhu said that instead of recruitment of youth on contract basis, they would be paid full salaries even during the time of their probation. Foreign employment Welfare Board would be constituted to assist the youth inspiring to go abroad for higher studies, he added.
Higher Education loan up to Rs 10 lakh would be provided to youth and there would be no application fee for youth who would like to apply for government jobs, Sandhu said.
To promote sports in Punjab, Punjab Olympic Mission would be initiated and the AAP government would award Rs five crore for Gold Medal winners, Rs Four crore for Silver Medal winners and Rs three crore to Bronze Medal winners in Olympics, Sandhu announced adding that Sports University would be established in Punjab apart from three sports colleges in each region of the state.
Kanshi Ram Youth Skill University would be established in Doaba region of the state and it would be ensured that Teachers would not be allocated any other work apart from teaching, so that students should not suffer.
What youth manifesto promises
· AAP will not withdraw any subsidy
· Schemes such as atta-dal, free electricity to farmers to continue
· No change in reservation policy
· Subsidy schemes for farmers, Dalits and poor to continue
· No politician or relative will be eligible for government contracts
· To chalk out a comprehensive anti-drug policy
· Break drug supply chain in a month
· Special drug task force to check menace
· Round-the-clock anti-drug toll free number
· To provide 25 lakh jobs in five years
· Training academy for girls vying for police and paramilitary forces
· Abolition of application fee from job seekers
· To open skill development university in the Doaba region
· Will set up foreign employment youth board
· Raise standard of education in government schools
· CCTV cameras in all government schools
· 29,000 vacant posts of schoolteachers to be filled
· Special scheme for meritorious girls
· Reward for medal winners to be hiked
· Establish sports university in state

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