Auto-driver Kidnaps and Rapes 4-year-old Child

Jaipur: The four year-old girl, who was abducted and raped on Sunday, underwent a colostomy to divert the large intestine through an opening in the abdomen on Monday. She had suffered complete perineal tear. The doctors repaired it in a three-and-a-half-hour-long surgery. They said the girl is recovering. Her vitals are stable.
Meanwhile, Kunwar Rashtradeep, DCP (East), said that after close examination of CCTV footage, the police have picked up four main suspects. “Based on the footage it appeared that an auto-driver may have been the culprit in the case. In last 24 hours we have gathered several corroborating evidences. But we have to ascertain the identity of the culprit,” he said. According to the police officials, the CCTV footage from a camera near Transport Nagar showed the girl being taken by an auto driver. The police have launched an intense search operation and rounded up several suspects.
“We are zeroing in on the culprit, all the evidence suggests that one auto-driver committed the crime,” he added. The girl was admitted to city’s J K Lon Hospital on Sunday after she was kidnapped from outside a Gurudwara. She was raped and abandoned alongside a deserted highway near Kanota.
The girl’s father had filed a missing report on Sunday evening. Later, the entire police force was put on alert and a search operation was launched. The patrolling party found the girl near Kanota. The girl was profusely bleeding from her private parts and severely crying.
video: India tv

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