Jassi Jasraj vs Arvind Kejriwal

Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) Lok Sabha candidate Jassi Jasraj challenged the Delhi CM for debate over alleged injustice done to Arvind Kejriwal.A AP Punjab has expelled Jassi in April this year. Today, when Arvind Kejriwal visited Darbar Sahib, Amritsar to launch AAP Youth Manifesto for Punjab, Jassi Jasraj got a chance to meet him in Sri Darbar Sahib , Amritsar. There, he asked Kejriwal to debate and give proof on why he was expelled without notice from the party, but Kejriwal evaded his challenge.

Jassi Jasraj wrote on his facebook page:
Arvind kejriwal nu SIKH KAUM di PARLIAMENT DARBAR SAHEB vikhe DEBATE krke saboot deke saabit krn nu keha ke KYU expel kita bina notice to ??….but oh DARBAR SAHEਬ behas krn to ktraa gye te MIL KE BAAT KRENGE “” Keh ke chle gye ….

The post reads, “I challenged Arvind Kejriwal in Sikh religion’s Parliament (Sri Darbar Sahib) to explain why he expelled me from the party without any notice but he avoided my proposal. He said that we will talk later when we will meet.”

Arvind Kejriwal today released AAP Youth Manifesto in Amritsar, keeping in mind the upcoming assembly elections. Arvind Kejriwal said that if AAP comes to power, it can curb and put an end to drugs business and mafias in Punjab within a month. He also said that the surveys conducted nationwide suggests that AAP will sweep at least 100 seats out of 117 in Punjab assembly elections.
video: ABP sanjha

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