Man who attacked Sikh in Canada gets 10 months in jail

A man who violently beat a Sikh man who was visiting Quebec City back in March has been sentenced to 10 months jail time.
Gabriel Royer-Tremblay, 22, was convicted of assault for punching and kicking Toronto resident Supninder Singh Khehra on a street in Quebec City on the night of March 26.
Khehra told CTV News at the time that Tremblay and two of his friends shouted and swore at him in French and pointed at his turban, before he was punched in the eye and kicked.

Khehra said his turban flew off of his head during the assault.
Police arrived at the scene a short time later and arrested Tremblay and another man, who was later released without charges.
The incident drew widespread condemnation in Canada, including Prime Minister Trudeau, who told reporters at the time that such “hateful acts” have “no place in Canada.”
video: ABP Sanjha

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