Detailed Report : Attack on Bhai Joga Singh Khalistani

Ludhiana: Bhai Joga Singh Khalistani and his three accomplices were allegedly attacked by car borne unidentified persons at Churpur road on Thursday late evening. Bhai Joga Singh was traveling home from the agitation held by Sikhs in relation to the harassment and beating of a Sikh youth in Banga. He was rushed to hospital for emergency treatment where he is now in on a ventilator in the intensive care ward. The doctors have said the next few days are critical to his recovery.

However Joga Singh Khalistani was not associated with any organization but he always participated in issue related with Sikh community. Few days ago, Joga Singh Khalistani was booked for thrashing preacher associated with Damdami Taksal at Police station Shimlapuri.

On July 12, Sandeep Singh,Damdami Taksal Chowk Mehta, Amrirtsar was allegedly attacked by Joga Singh and some other persons.
video: rozana pehredar

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