Class 9 Student Allegedly Beaten To Death By Shopkeeper In Delhi

A class 9 student in Delhi, who had allegedly collapsed on the road after a fight last night, was allegedly taken to three hospitals before he was declared dead.
15-year-old Rajat Menon’s family and friends allege that he was beaten to death by a paan (betel) seller near his home in Mayur Vihar in east Delhi.

No one has been arrested yet.
On Wednesday evening, Rajat left for tuition around 6 pm and never returned home.
Two of his friends, who were with him, allege that he had an argument with the paan seller. In CCTV footage, the three boys are seen walking towards the shop but there are no shots of the alleged fight.After the row, the friends allege, Rajat was attacked by the shopkeeper and some other men.

The friends also claim that Rajat collapsed and then the alleged attackers took him to the Malik hospital, which was closest at that point.
The hospital allegedly refused to admit him saying it has no ventilator. The boy was taken to another hospital, Metro, where he was allegedly declared dead.
video: IndiaTV

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