Woman, Devar held for killing husband

A 32-year-old woman along with her brother-in-law was arrested for allegedly getting her husband murdered on Sunday.
The victim has been identified as Dheeraj Chaudhary (37). Dheeraj was killed when unidentified men fired indiscriminately at his office at Sadarpur. Dheeraj died after taking five bullets while his father Jagveer was injured in the attack.
According to the police, the plan included Dheeraj wife Priti, her brother-in-law Varun (30), a money lender Jaideep Sirohi and his accomplice Monu. Varun and Jaideep planned to murder Dheeraj and Priti supported them.
Jaideep used to work for the UP police but took voluntary retirement and started the money lending business.
“Dheeraj had borrowed Rs 1.5 crore from Jaideep at an interest of 3%. He further loaned out the money to other persons at 8% interest. But when Jaideep asked Dheeraj to return, Dheeraj could not return it as his debtors did not return him. This soured the relationship between Jaideep and Dheeraj. Jaideep knew that Dheeraj’s wife Priti had developed a relationship with Varun, so he roped him and promised equal share in Dheeraj’s property,” said Salmantaj Patil, superintendent of police (SP)
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